Get Involved and How to Participate

What is mesothelioma research?

Research is defined as ‘the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.’

Mesothelioma research allows us to develop new tests and new treatments with the hope that we can detect mesothelioma sooner, and treat it more effectively, prolonging life and improving symptoms.


Get Involved

The Network has a variety of interesting mesothelioma trials ongoing that are looking for additional recruitment sites.

Check out the Mesothelioma UK site for up-to-date information on UK-wide clinical trials and how you can get involved.

If you are interested in becoming a Meso-ORIGINS site, please contact the PREDICT-Meso at for more information and a site capacity and capability form.

Funding opportunities


Get Involved

Why take part in research?

Taking part in drug trials may directly benefit you and your health as a mesothelioma patient. However, not all trial medicines will work for everyone, and not all research investigates treatments.

For many research participants, the main reason for taking part in research is to either:


find out more about their condition - taking part in research often involves closer monitoring and additional tests, or


to contribute to the understanding on the subject, adding to existing knowledge on the condition that could help future patients and their families.

As mesothelioma is a rare cancer, it is not as understood as some other more commons cancers. Taking part in mesothelioma research can change this – and change lives.

What can I expect?

This will vary from study to study but may include (but are not be limited to): sample collection, questionnaires, additional scans, new medicines or other treatments.

Every mesothelioma project is different and comes with its own Participant Information Sheet (PIS) that will inform you of the projects aims and what will happen to you, your samples and your data, if you decide to take part.

Research projects generally require your consent. Research participation is voluntary, and you should never be coerced into taking part in a study. Your healthcare team will be available to discuss study participation, benefits and risk with you.

Even after you consent to a study, you can remove yourself (and your information) at any time so remember if you decide to take part in a study, you are always able to change your mind.

What mesothelioma research can I get involved in?

Check out the Mesothelioma UK clinical trials app for up-to-date information on UK-wide clinical trials and how you can get involved