PREDICT-Meso Investigator Meeting – December 2021

The annual PREDICT-Meso Investigator Meeting will take place on Wednesday 8th December 2021, 1-5pm (GMT).

This meeting is to provide PREDICT-Meso Network Investigators, old and new, with updates on the progress of the PREDICT-Meso Network to date.

We have in store an exciting programme covering the breadth of activities currently in progress including:

  • Meso-ORIGINS feasibility study results, final design and main study update
  • Integrating Histological and Molecular Data from multiple time points and regions
  • Integrated Analysis of Mouse and Man for Early Detection
  • Insights from serum proteomics in the DIAPHRAGM dataset
  • Mesothelioma organoid development: working towards macrophage-containing TME
  • Dysregulated mRNA Translation as therapeutic target in Mesothelioma
  • Fully Automated Volumetric Tumour Segmentation using Deep Learning AI

This is a closed meeting for PREDICT-Meso Network Members only

Check out our outputs page for meeting minutes and select presentations